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    Adele Smolansky

  • Industry: tech and entrepreneurship

    HOME: brooklyn, ny

    YEAR: 2023

    MAJOR: electrical and computer engineering

    minor: Computer Science



    Adele is the founder and CEO of a startup, AI-Learners, that helps kids with disabilities learn mathematics. The team has over 25 students and is working with three Cornell student organizations. Adele also interned as a Software Engineer at Google after her sophomore year of Cornell and is returning this upcoming summer.



    For AI-Learners, Adele and her team participated in the eLab Accelerator during her sophomore year and they participated in the LCL accelerator during the summer. Adele is also a TA for NBA 3000 and eLab, as loves the entrepreneurship community at Cornell. Lastly, Adele is an advisor for the Ventures Accelerated club.



    Adele loves to be active and to explore the world! She leads workout classes with her friends and family. She also really enjoys traveling, skiing, hiking, exploring museums, trying new cuisines, and more.